Astral Carneval was formed in Eskilstuna, Sweden in late 2002 by Magnus and Kenneth. Shortly thereafter Per joined in. By this time we were playing with an old friend of Kenneth named Göte on drums and in early 2003 we recorded the song “All you ever wanted” in the Trick Track Studio. Due to the lack of bass player, the bass was played by Magnus. This recording was engineered by Ivan Jovanovic, old time friend of Göte and also a bass player. Shortly after the studio session Ivan joined in with the rest of us and the circle of Astral Carneval was now completed.

From here on, we decided to go 110% with our music and we also started to put up high goals with our business (which offcourse we still do). The name “Astral Carneval” was taken by this time. The name is to symbolise “the spiritual ride” of playing music together. That our minds are sort of “free-floating” in the bane of tunes, all in synchronized harmony. However, shortly after the recording, Göte left the band due to different reasons and the band was out of drummer. A temporary drum-fill-in for an upcoming gig was made by an old childhood friend of Kenneth – Janne. But temporary went to permanent and after playing the first gig at the “Underground Sounds Festival” in Åkers Styckebruk, Sweden, the band went in the studio once again, recording “Promo 2003”.

After that, several gigs started to roll in and in December 2003, we were opening for Entombed in Örebro. The line up stayed the same for two more years and during that time A.C played all over Sweden, from Sandviken in the north to Ljungby in the south. We played with bands like Nine, Pain of Salvation, Godhate to mention a few. The promo was sent to different labels, but resulted in nothing but unserious deals that the band chose to step out of. Read some of the reviews of "promo 2003" on the ”Review-section”. In late 2005 the band was entering the studio once again, recording new material. Shortly after recording the drums, Janne decided to leave the band after feeling that 100% was too much to give. Ivan was about to become a father and decided to put his energy in his family. All respect to that. “Chaos” was completed in December 2005 with a new line-up. The bass job was put to Mats Vassfjord, also bassist in Swedish Scaar. The throne of the drums was taken by a young, talented Chilean guy named Lawrence Fernandez.

We are hungrier than ever and we give in practically all our time to the music. Astral Carneval is here and now and we live for what we do. Keep your eyes and ears open and remember our name!

See ya in the pit!!!!!

Astral Carneval April, 2006