Demo Review in Close-Up

What is actually going on in Eskilstuna?
Is the music the main subject in
school? Are the leaders adding some form
of drugs in the water? Are the babies getting
an instrument immediately after they are born?

Astral Carneval are conveying energetic
deathrash of modern rage. There are probably
no high odds of the guess that cd´s from Swedish
heroes like At the gates, The Haunted,
Crown and Soilwork are beloved parts in the
collection of music in the shelves of the
Astral Carneval members.

I seriously like this. The originality is
not special and no one would die from a bit
more of alternation – something many demo
bands should be ware of – But In general,
there are no main matters of “Astral Carneval”.
Nothing that should stop this band from
getting signed in a near future. This is
pure quality.

Marcus Grahn

November Close-Up 2003