Name: Kenneth Nielsen
Uses & abuses: Gibson Explorer cream white, ESP Mirage, EMG60 pickup, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier,
Mesa Boogie 4x12 halfback black shadow, Tomastic strings 0.11-0.53, George L cabels, Boss TU-2.
Favourite Bands: Metallica, Testament, Ozzy, and a lot of others.
Albums: Master of puppets, Metallica.
Songs: Hard to tell? to many!
Guitarists: Zakk Wylde, for his great punishing riffs and solos.
Hail Metal to: Endless love to Susanne Svanström, Fia, Jack & Celia! My father (R.I.P)! Pontus (R.I.P)! My mom Elly. Mogens. My sister Carola, Fredrik and Frida. All my relatives on my fathers side. All my friends.. (No one mentioned no one forgotten). And a big hail Metal to all Astralheads around the globe.. Keep Banging!!!