Name: Per Humbla
Uses & abuses: Shure: Beta58 PGX2 Wireless, PGX4 Wireless reciever & one ordinary Beta58
Favourite Bands: Testament,Soilwork,Metallica,Machine Head and many more.
Albums: At the Gates-Slaughter of the soul, Testament-The Gathering, The Haunted-The Haunted and many more.
Songs: Way to many?
Singers: Chuck Billy, Anders Friden and Rob Flynn to name a few.
Thanx to Neverending love to my girlfriend Emmi, My Family for supporting me, Kenneth my best friend you helped me to find myself and to become the person i am today, Henke Borg , Robban S, Henrik W, Tobias E and the rest of my friends... And last but not least the fans and all the people that supports us. You rule !!!!!!